How to Track Your Order Dispatch Status Easily

Step 01: Click Chat with us on our website. 

Step 02: Click "Track my Order" below Instant Message 

Step 03: Click "Enter Order Information" 

Step 04: Click "Enter Order number you have received in your email & your email address given while purchasing the planner" 

Step 05: You will see your order confirmation, click the tracking ID as shown in the image, you will be redirected to the courier services page, and you can see the status of your product. 

Step 6

You will get the complete status of your planner consignment status by following the above steps. 

If you have any queries on your order ID & If you face any issues. 

Please do text using the Chat box, and we will support you with necessary details. 

Please be patient & maintain your trust, if you haven't received any response, our customer executive team will respond as soon as possible. 

What happens after placing your Order: 

  • Once you placed the order, our team will instantly receive the order update on the portal with all your given shipping address.
  • You will get the order confirmation immediately after successful payment.  We will send the courier tracking ID within maximum of 3 workdays from the payment date. Usually, you will get the planner within 7 working days depends on your location within India.
  • If you are in Tamil Nadu, you will get early from the committed date.
  • Once the planner shipped to your address, we will update the consignment tracking ID on the portal, and the automatic email will be sent to your email address with necessary details I.e. "Courier service provider name, Consignment Tracking ID. ". 

We work hard to maintain the higher level of customer services, and you are always a valuable customer to us. 

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